introducing you to Switzerland

A warm welcome

Born and raised in Lucerne, a beautiful city in central Switzerland, I frequently visited my grandparents who lived in a gorgeous little village at the foothills of the Alps. My grandparents owned a little farm and I enjoyed spending as much time as possible there. As a child I helped them make hay in the summer and when I grew older, I worked as a ski instructor during the winter season. This was common tradition in our family.

I spent several months in England as well as in the Italian-speaking and French-speaking parts of Switzerland to improve my foreign language skills. The stays in those parts of Switzerland in which Italian and French are the official languages enabled me to learn more about these charming regions.

When I was twenty years old, I moved to Zurich since my dream to become a flight attendant and travel the world had become true. I visited more than forty countries on almost any continent. Since at that time the crews stayed abroad for several days and even weeks, I was very lucky to learn soon how to get along in a foreign country, and to deal with different cultures. After fifteen years of working in my dream job, I was offered the position of European project manager by an internationally working photographer. My task was to organise funding for a charity event who took place in Los Angeles.

When this interesting project had been completed, I got the opportunity to relocate the family of an entrepreneur to Switzerland.

Within the scope of this fascinating assignment, I got familiar with the challenges which people face when moving to another country. Subsequently, I also had the chance to get an insight into different cultures and deal with people from different countries while working in business aviation as well as at an advertising agency.

After having travelled extensively, I realised that I understand foreign countries much better and feel more comfortable the more I know about these countries and the people who live there. This way, I developed a sense of familiarity with respect to many countries, irrespective of the culture and language spoken there and I almost felt at home.

Based on these experiences and my knowledge about Switzerland I have created the one-day seminar «Discover the Swiss Way of Life» as well as more than thirty multifaceted «Swiss-Modules». The «Swiss-Modules» may be selected by companies and organisations to prepare a customised program for international visitors, business partners and/or employees.

Due to the fact that I am familiar with many aspects of your culture, I am able to build a «bridge into your country» in order to provide you in Switzerland profound and nevertheless entertaining knowledge about my home country.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Karin Teuffer