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Swiss Packages

We have bundled individual topics of our one-day seminar «Discover the Swiss Way of Life» in different packages. The informative and entertaining presentations about Switzerland with individual focus topics have been designed for companies, organisations and hotels which would like to provide their international business partners, customers or guests with a special insight into this diverse country.

GLiNT offers its «Swiss Packages» all over Switzerland. They may either be presented at the premises of the company/organisation/hotel or we will select an adequate location. We offer this service in English and German.

Duration: One hour (extension possible on request)

«Switzerland Package»

provides a general overview of Switzerland in an informative and entertaining way. Participants will get information about politics, economy, history and major cities of various regions. We invite you to join our little trip through charming Switzerland.

«Zurich Package»

provides a lot of interesting facts about the city and region of Zurich. Participants will get information about politics, economy, history and culture of the largest city in Switzerland. This package may be combined with a city tour. Discover this cosmopolitan little metropolis.

«Culture & Tradition Package»

presents Swiss culture and tradition. Participants will get an insight into centuries old traditions of various regions, which have been maintained and still play an important role in present day life. Learn more about the background of cultural events and living traditions in Switzerland.

«Expat Package»

provides expats and their spouses with interesting information about politics, economy, travel system, etc., but also presents many useful and practical tips about life in Switzerland. With our recommendations of the Swiss Knigge you will be prepared for any situation - whether it is private or professional.

«Your Choice Package»

is a tailor-made presentation. We are looking forward to preparing a customized package for you.

Please contact us for our current «Special Packages».

You may combine all of the «Swiss Packages» with an entertaining «Swiss Quiz» and/or a city tour through the historic town of Zurich.